Our firm has been continuously in operation since 1939. Our primary involvement has been, and is at the present time, in building construction. Our commercial and industrial projects include hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, banks, office buildings, detention and correctional facilities, civic centers, postal facilities, air terminal buildings, shopping malls, retail food supermarkets, church buildings, medical office buildings, retail clothing buildings, dormitories, manufacturing buildings and educational facilities including elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, college and university buildings, classrooms, cafeterias, auditoriums, laboratories, gymnasiums and athletic facilities.  


Page & Associates Contractors, Inc. was formed in 1988. The company was originally founded as Walter Wirtz Construction and later a corporation was then formed, in 1965, with the name Page &Wirtz Construction Company.  


President & CEO

Stanley F. Cotgreave


Julie Jordan

Project Manager/Estimator

Brent Ham

Executive Assistant

Michelle Casida


Jeff Adams

Cecil Hook

Lonnie Lovett

Hector Villa

Mike Bell

Tom Jones

Kelly Stapleton

Clifford Fore

Brandon Junell

Eric Terrel

President & CEO - Stanley F. Cotgreave

Estimators/Project Managers - Stanley F. Cotgreave & Brent Ham

Controller - Julie Jordan

Executive Assistant - Michelle Casida

Superintendents - Jeff Adams, Mike Bell, Clifford Fore, Cecil Hook, Tom Jones, Lonnie Lovett,

Brandon Junell, Kelly Stapleton, Erick Terrel and Hector Villa. 

Assistant Superintendent - Charlie Law


PO Box 2570, Amarillo, Texas 79105

105 South Bonham, Amarillo, Texas 79106

Phone: 806.372.3237

Fax: 806.372.4945